Island Foundations Corporation has been building concrete infrastructure throughout the five boroughs and northern New Jersey since 1994.

Oftentimes the best place to build is in place of an existing building or buildings that would first need to be demolished. Non-explosive demolition is therefore the opposite of construction. It involves the process of machinery, workers and processes for the safe collapsing of structures, disassembling walls and slabs into cartable pieces and removing the rock, cement, wood, steel and other debris, dust and materials from the site.

Before any demolition activities can take place, steps such as asbestos abatement, useful material removal (de-construction) if appropriate, permitting, notifications, electrical, water, sewer, cable, telephone and gas utilities disconnect, rodent baiting, and development of site-specific safety and work plans including fencing. The demolition plan should include the strategy for safe collapsing of the structure, which can be controlled somewhat through an undermining process, or with the use of excavators. Removing masonry walls is generally more easily accomplished with hydraulic excavators, equipped with high reach arms for taller buildings if necessary.

Island Foundations Corporation is skilled at participating and leading demolition initiatives.