Island Foundations Corporation has been building concrete infrastructure throughout the five boroughs and northern New Jersey since 1994.

US Post Office And Federal Courthouse

US Post Office And Federal Courthouse, Brooklyn, 2001. General Contractor was J.A. Jones.

This multi-story historic facility located in downtown Brooklyn near the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, involved the complete renovation of the floors of the mail processing plant. A multiphased project, this work was completed while mail continued to be processed inside. The loading docks, exterior walls and roofs were greatly reinforced to conform to new blastproof standards. On the roof of the plant, the unusual slanted cement roof was removed and re-poured so that exterior windows could be added for more natural lighting opportunities on the top floor.

This project was well underway when on September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center was attacked. As the people were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge that day, the general contractor ordered all work to stop, even cement then in process of being poured, causing much spoiled cement. Despite the wasted cement and spoiled forms, the owner later approved the expenses of rework to remove the unfinished materials and re-pour. Despite the national tragedy that day and the disruption to work in the ensuing weeks, the project was completed to the satisfaction of the owner.