Island Foundations Corporation has been building concrete infrastructure throughout the five boroughs and northern New Jersey since 1994.

Port Authority Bus Terminal

Port Authority Bus Terminal Truss Rehabilitation, Manhattan, 2005. General contractor was VRH Corporation.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal is designed for bus loading in the lower floors with several floors of car parking above the bus terminal. In this project, Island Foundations Corporation reinforced the columns and truss diagonals of the fifth and sixth floors by removing surface imperfections, installing reinforcing steel bar, constructing forms and then encasing our construction in cement. For the duration of the eight-month project, car parking and operations of the bus terminal continued without disruption to the cars, buses or passengers.

The most challenging aspect of the project was getting concrete from the street to the pump at the base of each truss ready for reinforcing. Cement trucks at the street dumped their loads into bins that were raised to the fifth floor by a crane. The fifth floor had an exposed section since the sixth floor was smaller than the floor below. This exposed section was large enough to allow the crane to lift large bins of cement clear of the upper floors.

The bins were then emptied into three buggies which carried the concrete to the appropriate pump reservoir at the base of each truss ready to be reinforced. Several hundred trusses were reinforced in this way.