Island Foundations Corporation has been building concrete infrastructure throughout the five boroughs and northern New Jersey since 1994.

Five World Trade Center

Five World Trade Center, Manhattan, 2000. General contractor was VRH Construction.

Ever since the 1993 World Trade Center attack, it was recognized that a significant standby power generating capacity was necessary in the complex. Putting it on the roof of the nine-story building 5 made a lot of sense, however a new steel-reinforced roof was required to support the additional weight of the new standby power plant and its fuel. We were responsible for pouring the roof which involved pumping the cement some 150’ above the street. Also, a number of electrical feeder conduits in the underground parking garage were fireproofed and encased in cement enclosures throughout the complex.

Building 5 was severely damaged in the 9/11 attack and was ultimately completely removed in early 2002.