The Trades

Island Foundations Corporation has been building concrete infrastructure throughout the five boroughs and northern New Jersey since 1994.

The many successful projects have been completed with the excellent supervision and tradesmen of the full-time staff of the firm as well as select members of these leading trade union locals operating in New York City.

International Union of Operating Engineers, Locals 14-14B, 15, 15A & 15D

The trained and experienced crane and heavy equipment operators.

District Council of Carpenters of New York & Vicinity, Carpenters, Dockbuilders

The skilled and experienced carpenters for building forms and sheeting.

Building, Concrete, Excavating & Common Laborers Union Local 731

The experienced cement workers.

District Council of Pavers and Road Builders of the Laborer’s International Union, Local 1010

The trades involved in driveways, sidewalks and site work.

Cement & Concrete Workers District Council, Locals 6a, 18a, 20

The trades involved in cement work.

Cement Mason’s Local 780 Fringe Benefit Funds

The trades involved in cement work.

Metal Lathers, Local 46

The trades involved in steel work in construction.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 282

The trades involved in delivering the construction materials to the job sites.